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About: Dr. Abhay Mahajan

Dr. Abhay Mahajan is a qualified urologist trained to perform all types of urological surgeries. His vast experience of more than 20 years has given me immense knowledge of treating complex Urological surgeries. His special interest is in Endourology, Reconstructive Urology, Kidney Transplant surgery and Pediatric Urological surgeries. He performs all types of endourological procedures for kidney and ureteric stones with use of lasers. The hospital is well equipped with all types of endoscopes available stone removal like Miniperc, Nephroscope and flexible ureteroscopy (RIRS/ fURS). At present he is using the latest Thulium fiber laser technology for stone fragmentation..

Dr. Abhay Mahajan also performs all types of endoscopic treatment for prostate like Transurethral Resection of Prostate (TURP) and Thulium fibre laser enucleation of prostate (THUFLEP). THUFLEP has a special advantage of treating large prostates with minimal bleeding and is safe in high risk patients.

Reconstructive surgery of urethra requires special skill, expertise and meticulous planning. At Sai Urology Hospital all types of complex urethral reconstruction surgeries for stricture urethra are performed. End to end urethroplasty for traumatic stricture urethra is routinely performed. For anterior urethral strictures variety of surgeries like dorsal onlay, ventral onlay urethroplasties are done. For more complex surgeries double face onlay or inlay buccal mucosa grafts are also performed.

Pediatric urological surgeries are routinely done by Dr. Abhay Mahajan. Pediatric stones are treated with small endoscopes like Miniperc and use of Thulium Fiber Laser. Other pediatric diseases like PUJ obstruction, vesicoureteral reflux, Posterior urethral valves are commonly performed. He is also a master in performing Hypospadias surgery with good outcome and reasonable success rate .

Dr. Abhay Mahajan is doing Kidney Transplant surgeries since more than 15 years. He was pioneer in doing Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy in Aurangabad. Dr. Abhay Mahajan has published many papers in International and national journals. He is also interested in research work and clinical trials. He has been operative faculty at various workshops and participated in various conferences. Dr. Abhay Mahajan has organized West Zone Urological Society of India conference at Aurangabad in 2016. He has also organized various operative workshop on Endourology and Prostate. He was Secretary of Aurangabad Urology Association for four years. He was also a Council Member of West Zone USI from 2018- 2020.